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2009-07-05 03:39 pm

Sunday Aftrnoon

It's 3:30 -- and in 2 hours I have to make up my mind whether or not to go to work.  I don't mind what I do -- it is not difficult or burdensome, though sometimes it's finicky.  But I am in the midst of reading 4 different books, and I do want to get through them slightly more than I want to even grocery shop, no less go to work. 

Of course, still being on The Diet I am also getting occasional cravings.  Right now I am interested in meat.  45 down, so I'm doing OK.  I've found that the best way to deal with a craving is to have a meal and just head right back for the diet.  Arguing with myself just blows things out of proportion.

I also need to find somewhere to buy chalk.  None in Walgreen's today when I looked.  Until I get some my  latest project is at a halt.