Oct. 23rd, 2009

2:40 AM

Oct. 23rd, 2009 02:42 am
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Yes I'm awake.  I went into hyperdrive about 10 days ago and it is still going on.

Since I was wide awake I called a wide-awake John and went over there for a bit.  Now I am home and eating a Sonic breakfast burrito -- food substituting for sleep.  In just a bit I will try to get another four hours.  Can't take any pills or I will never get to work. 

The good news (how times change!) is that we will be laid off on 10/30 (officially Saturday 10/31).  This makes John happy because we can then spend more time together.  I can get by for the rest of the year just fine, especially since I killed off one of my credit cards.  We might have to go back for a week of classes, or for work that needs to be done, but the official word is that  we will be temporarily without jobs until the start of the year.

I think that bed is calling.  It's either that or the hamster wheel very busy tonight.
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We all work for Lucie Van Pelt.  We had a layoff meeting.  We were supposed to be laid off at the end of next week.

They called it off again.  I rather thought there was too much work for them to just send us out.  But RATS ANYWAY!!  I was looking forward to spending time with John and now I have to work instead.  I will take a couple of days vacation for week after next.  I took one vacation day  today because my leave got cancelled with the layoff.  With the LAYOFF cancelled I guess I can take leave.



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