Jul. 16th, 2009

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Since most of the folks I would sent this to read LJ, I thought I'd post it.  This is about classes using raw foods -- recipes for raw foods!

Loran and Jane Van Benthusen

gratefully presents

a Raw Vegan Uncooking Class Series

at the Duncan Estates Community Center

633 SW Burry St. Lees Summit, MO 64081-2667


August 11th and 25th, September 8th and 22nd, October 6th and 27th



All classes are 3 hours long and cost $40 per person

your partner (or teen) can attend for free!


We will walk you through numerous recipes and send you home with a full belly and the skills and knowledge of how and why to add more raw foods to your diet. We want to help people take charge of their own health and improve their lives through adding more raw foods.


August 11th Basic raw skills: In this class you will learn how to make almond (or other) nut milks, a fruit smoothie, a creamy dip, zucchini pasta with a red sauce and an alfredo sauce and a yummy chocolate pudding. This class will help with ideas for every meal and your snacks. You will get a copy of all of the recipes.


August 25th Smoothies, Dressings and Marinades: You will learn why smoothies are so important and how to make make several different kinds. You will learn how to hide veggies in your smoothies so you can get more greens into your families diet. You will also learn a few salad dressings (even a creamy one) and a few marinades. You will get a copy of all of the recipes.


September 8th Fermentation 1: You will learn about why fermented foods are so important in your diet and learn how to make rejuvelac, kim chee, fermented salsa and sauerkraut. You will also learn how to use these ingredients in other recipes. You will get a copy of all the recipes.


September 22nd Fermentation 2: You must have taken the first class to take this one or have a firm grasp on the fermentation process. In this class you will learn how to make a fermented cashew cheeze, how to make that into dips and dressings and how to make a raw vegan cheezecake. (no dairy). You will get a copy of all of the recipes.


More classes to come. We are hoping to teach two classes a month............

If you are interested please sign up right away before these classes fill up by emailing jane@kc.rr.com or calling (816)668-3612 and either mailing a check to Jane Van Benthusen 602 SE Green St. Lee's Summit, MO 64063 or by paypal to jane@kc.rr.com



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