Jul. 11th, 2009

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It was interesting, as always -- the main guests were winners of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Novel, and the winner of the Sturgeon Award for the year's best short story.  The morning was a round table, and the afternoon was a panel of the winners discussing what they think the future of publishing will be.

And so many people I knew were there -- I probably knew 1/4 of the folks attending.  One was happy to see me because she had gone for a sleep study after being nagged, and her air machine was due to arrive next week.  I told her that the best was yet to come -- the day, about a week in, where you wake up and nothing hurts.  That is the day it all makes sense.  And of course, the manager of the bookstore worked there when I did -- back in 1975, for heaven's sake.  She has been in one place for 34 years -- and of course she doesn't look it.

I took pictures, and later I'll put them up somewhere -- Facebook, Flickr, or I'll send them to Keith for the photo archive.

Tomorrow is Julie's memorial, so I won't go back to Lawrence.  I could leave now and go to tonight's party, but I think that I've driven enough for today.   Instead I'll read and try to stay out of trouble.



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