Jun. 6th, 2009

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Jun. 6th, 2009 10:05 am
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I finally realized that I had to refill prescriptions today.  Much to my surprise, CostCo has put in a new pharmacy answering machine that is *much* better than the old one.  I actually managed to painlessly use it to order my refills.  And since they will be ready today, I only have to make one trip there this week.  Now the question is, should I get another one of those large containers of strawberries?  They were pretty good, and I didn't waste many  of them.

I also need to get another Bluetooth for my second phione line.  The Jabra Bluetooth sets suck -- bad volume, uncertain connection.  It is a company that makes absolutely inadequate add-ons for phones -- the ones with wires for my old phone were also inadequate and fragile.  On the other hand, the Motorola has good volume, and telling whether it is on or off is completely unmistakable in the model I got.  So another Motorola it is.

I have also been weighing whether I want to get another television.  Well, want is the wrong word, I suppose.  I don't *want* a tv much.  But the one I have is analog, and I never got the conversion coupon turned in, so I don't have a converter for it.  So it is a cubic-foot dust catcher.  I hear so many people complain that there is nothing on that is worth watching.  I haven't watched anything at all since some time in the 1990's.  I'm not surprised people don't like the offerings.

I suppose that the answer is no new tv -- I can watch dvd's on the computer, and I don't have to have a large set to entertain an entire family.


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