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Oct. 19th, 2009 09:44 pm
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John Daniel is one of my cases of love at first sight.  I went to an SF convention in 1977 in Kansas City.  While there with my first husband, dragonet2 came over and asked him for a ride home because her dog had a crisis.  I thought that was fine, so he left me at the convention and headed to Lawrence with her.  I went into the room to the north off the suite and there was a man sitting with his back to the headboard, singing Broadway show tunes with the fols in the room.  He had a good voice and the most graceful hands I'd ever seen.  I was -- rivetted would be the right word.  I followed him around for the rest of the night.  At a very late hour we had all migrated to the easter room off the con suite, and I sang a solo directed at him.  When I realized that was what I was doing, I broke off before the last verse.  He said "Finish it."  I told him  I couldn't.

Singing a love song to someone you have just seen for the first time is -- the only other person I know who did that was his wife of 30 years.  She and I both chose music with the same sort of intent.  Her song was the love song from Romeo and Juliet.  Mine was called "'Til Then".  You can Google it if you are curious.

I'm still freaked out an how much I love this man.  It's very intense, even 32 years after the events above.


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